SNS PLC In The Press: Views On The Rajat Gupta Case

India Abroad, one of the leading publications for the diaspora of Indians worldwide, has just published an article (on November 4, 2011) chronicling reactions to the recent indictment and ongoing prosecution of Rajat Gupta (a prominent Indian businessman who rocketed to the top of American business as the head of McKinsey & Company and has also served on the boards of investment banking behemoths like Goldman Sachs) for alleged insider trading. In a somewhat ironic twist, India Abroad sought perspectives on the Gupta case from both sides of another high profile legal matter involving India and the United States, the Farhang v. IITK matter, quoting SNS PLC (my practice) as plaintiffs’ counsel for U.S. based Mandana Farhang and M.A. Mobile Ltd. and quoting Counselor Neel Chatterjee (well known Orrick litigator representing IITK also known for his representation of Facebook) as lead counsel for Indian government defendant  Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITK).

See attached Indian Abroad article here at http www.indiaabroad-digital.  It is also publicly available (though in a rather cumbersome interface that makes viewing difficult) at:

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  1. Arjun says:

    The Farhang case is of great interest to us in India. TOI only recently started covering it. What is the status of that matter now? As lead counsel, are you at liberty to comment?

    • Sanjiv says:

      The case continues to progress in the U.S. Courts. I am not at liberty at this time to comment any further, but we of course appreciate the public’s interest in the case as it is indeed an important case for U.S. based entrepreneurs doing business with government entities and in particular those who do business with India.

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